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    Mike Cox posted on April 22, 2013 21:16

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    Luther Wright and the Wrongs did a bluegrass version of the Pink Floyd classic "The Wall". Roger Waters who was the creative force behind The Wall endorsed Luther's version as the best cover he had ever heard.  Luther did not try to imitate, they took the songs put them in their own style while staying true to the integrity of the original.

    So I went looking for ukulele covers of "Mother" and I did not find any that were fun enough so I have come up with my own way of doing it that keeps the song simple, fun, and lends itself to the uke.  Luther's version is attached as an MP3, I am afraid we will be asked to take it down as there are no YouTube versions of this song.  Sarah Harmer is singing the Mother parts.

    Mother - Pink Floyd Ukulele version arranged by Mike Cox

    {Boys Sing}

    [G] Mother do you think they'll drop the [C] bomb [G]
    [G] Mother do you think they'll like this [C] song [G]
    [C] Mother do you think they'll try to break my [G] balls
    [D] Ooooh [C] aah, Mother should I build a [G] wall
    [G] Mother should I run for presid [C] ent [G]
    [G] Mother should I trust the govern [C] ment [G]
    [C] Mother will they put me in the firing [G] line
    [D] Ooooh [C] aah, is it just a waste of [G] time

    {Girls Sing}

    [G] Hush now baby, baby don't you [C] cry
    [F] Mama's gonna make all of your [C] Nightmares come true
    [F] Mama's gonna put all of her [C] fears into you
    [F] Mama's gonna keep you right here [C] Under her wing
    [F] She won't let you fly but she [C] might let you sing
    [F] Mama will keep baby [C] cosy and [G] warm
    [D] Ooooh [C] Babe [D] Ooooh [C] Babe [D] Ooooh [C] Babe
    [C] Of course Mama's gonna help build the [G] wall

    [G] [C] [G] - [G] [C] [G] - [C] [G] – [D] [C] [G]

    {Boys Sing}

    [G] Mother do think she's good e [C] nough for [G] me
    [G] Mother do think she's danger [C] ous to [G] me
    [C] Mother will she tear your little boy a [G] part
    [D] Oooh [C] aah, mother will she break my [G] heart

    {Girls Sing}

    [G] Hush now baby, baby don't you [C] cry
    [F] Mama's gonna check out all your [C] girl friends for you
    [F] Mama won't let anyone [C] dirty get through
    [F] Mama's gonna wait up [C] till you get in
    [F] Mama will always find [C] out where You've been
    [F] Mamma's gonna keep baby [C] healthy and [G] clean
    [D] Ooooh [C] Babe [D] Ooooh [C] Babe [D] Ooooh [C] Babe
    [C] You'll always be a baby to [G] me

    [G] Mother, did it need to be so [C] high.

    A video for this song:

    Okay, so I live with a bunch of girls, do you think I can get any of them to sing with me?

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Sharon Baird
# Sharon Baird
Monday, May 13, 2013 9:50 PM
I love the falsetto! that key is too high for me, but you nailed it all by yourself!