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  • Old Blue Truck

    Charles de Lint posted on May 18, 2013 13:42

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    ~~~ChordPro Verson UPDATED June 11, 2015 CEL~~~

    written by Charles de Lint

    I'm not putting all the chords in; it's the same four chord pattern, over and over throughout the song

    {c:break} X2: 
    [D]  [F#m] [G]  [A] 

    I’m [D]sitting in the backyard, in my [F#m]old blue truck
    the [G]floor’s half-gone, and the [A]doors get stuck
    it’s [D]got no motor, it’s [F#m]got no wheels
    but I [G]like to remember, the [A]way it’d feel
    when my [D]dad was alive, and he [F#m]drove us into town
    in his [G]shiny new Ford, with the [A]windows down
    we were [D]young and free, maybe [F#m]happier then
    when I [G]sit in this truck it’s [A]like it all comes back [D]again   [F#m]  [G]  [A]

    Sherry says its time we got rid of that heap
    it’s just an eyesore we don’t need to keep
    there’s snakes in the grass, weeds in the wells
    there’s birds making nests, it just looks like hell 
    there’s mice in the seat springs and under the hood
    well, a truck like that it ain’t much good
    I said it don’t move an inch, but it’s logging miles
    yeah, it don’t do much, but it makes me smile

    I said remember before the kids were born
    we’d sit in that truck just to watch the corn
    the moon’d come floating up over the trees
    there was no one in the world, just you and me
    and you held me close till I thought I might cry
    just to see how the stars shone in your eyes
    I was thinking when the kids’re grown up and gone
    we might do it again, just sit here and watch the dawn
    {c:break} X2

    Sherry says I guess it won’t be a trial
    we could clean it up some, maybe keep it awhile
    everybody’s got some crazy old load
    we’ll just have a truck we can’t put on the road
    [A]comes back [D]again   [F#m]  [G]  [A]  [D]

    A video for this song:

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Bytown Ukulele Group
# Bytown Ukulele Group
Tuesday, May 21, 2013 5:06 PM
What a great song for a Canada theme BUG Jam. I love the chord progression, I never tried singing this before, it is really fun!