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  • Johnny Cash Is a Good Dog

    Charles de Lint posted on May 18, 2013 15:34

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    written by Charles de Lint

    [Bm]My dog, he’s a good dog, he [G]won’t go through the [Bm]trash
    [Bm]my dog he’s not a tough dog, so I [G]named him Johnny [A]Cash
    like a [G]boy named Sue, [D]he’s true blue
    [G]stands much taller than he [D]seems to
    [Bm]My dog, he’s a good dog, so I [G]named him Johnny [D]Cash

    [Bm]My dog he can’t really sing, but he [G]howls and barks just [Bm]fine
    [Bm]My dog he doesn’t always wear black but he [G]always walks the [A]line
    he’s [G]never been to Jackson [D]or to Folsom
    he [G]cry cry cries when [D]he gets lonesome
    [Bm]My dog, he’s a good dog, and he [G]always walks the [Bm]line

    [Bm]My dog he’s got rhythm and he’s [G]never been to [Bm]jail
    [Bm]You can find him by Big River, just a-[G]wagging his [A]tail
    He [G]likes to ride on the [D]Rock Island Line
    And he [G]never gets tired of hearing [D]Suppertime
    [Bm]My dog’s he’s a good dog and he’s [G]never been to [D]jail

    [Bm]My dog he doesn’t have a gun and if he [G]did he wouldn’t take it to [Bm]town
    [Bm]My dog he’s never picked cotton but he [G]knows about missing some[D]one
    he [G]doesn’t know Frankie, but he’s [D]heard her name
    and he’s [G]never gone to the Fool’s [D]Hall of Fame
    [Bm]My dog he’s a good dog and he wouldn’t [G]take a gun to [D]town

    [Bm]My dog he doesn’t like those songs where the [G]dog dies in the [Bm]end
    [Bm]my dog he likes it better when [G]everybody just stays [A]friends
    [G]maybe he’s got a little [D]Pollyanna
    [G]in the mix, with some [D]Texarkana
    [Bm]My dog he’s not going to die when this [G]song comes to an [D]end 

    {c: repeat first verse}

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