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  • BUG Jam for September 18th 2013

    Bytown Ukulele Group posted on September 18, 2013 14:56

    Hello BUGs and soon to be BUGs.  Mark and Sue Rogers are still on vacation and an executive decision had to be made.  This month for BUG will be an Anything Goes night!  We have had this several times in the past and it is always great fun.  We have learned so many new songs in doing the Anything Goes theme and so many of them really should be done again because they were such fun.

    So here is the idea... Visit the songs page, (on this site) these are all songs we have sang at prior BUG nights, if you have posted the song in the past, the song is in your name and you can flag it for September by editing the song and selecting the category.  If you see a song that is not in your name, don't repost, simply send an email to me (mcox@mcox.ca) or Sue and one of us will flag it for you. 

    Here are links to past Anything Goes nights:

    So that takes care of songs from past BUG nights, what about songs that are not there?  As usual, post them yourself, but please follow the necessary conventions: use YouTube embed codes (not just address), and post the song in ChordPro format.  Visit the help section of the site for more detailed posting instructions.

    As for a theme, it is the month for Labour Day... do you know any labour songs?  back to school songs?  Union songs?  This is just an idea, it truly is an anything goes night, so don't by shy, post a song!

    You will find more here →
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Mike Cox
# Mike Cox
Friday, September 13, 2013 7:13 AM
That is a fine looking list of tunes. Nice to have you back Mark and Sue! I will make another YouTube play list.