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  • BUG Jam - Wednesday, March 19! It's a kitchen party!

    Sue Rogers posted on March 19, 2014 12:24
    Bring your spoons - it's time for a ceilidh!


    When: Wed March 19 2014

    Time: 5:30 for dinner, desserts, drinks, camaraderie; group jam starts at 7 p.m. until 10

    Where: The Clocktower Brew Pub 575 Bank Street, lower level

    Well good gravy! Look at all the songs posted for BUG's upcoming kitchen party! Have a peek - you've got a week!

    Remember, anyone is welcome to lead the group in songs that have been posted by me (Sue Rogers), Fiona or Tim. Why not pick one of your favourites and give it a whirl? Do you remember how, at the last jam, I had trouble finding the starting note for the very first song? Likely, you haven't given it another thought. So there's my point - we're all in this together, cheering each other on! And if you want, I'll be right beside you to help out as best I can. Or come up to the mike as a duo or trio.

    It's sure to be a full house at the jam, so prepare for comfort as you see fit. Last time we were swinging from the rafters with 90+! We're a cosy gang - but hey! The more the merrier! Sometime in the summer, The Clocktower Pub will be getting rid of the pool tables, reducing the size of the bar, and putting in more tables and chairs. So let's hang in there to see if that helps with our ever-growing numbers. We haven't found another pub as suitable and as welcoming as the Clocktower. And free to boot! In the meantime, here's some advice:

    Wear comfy shoes and you can't lose!
    Dress light, she'll be a hot night!
    Think thin, and wear a big grin!

    Okay - I'm finished.

    See you soon to play a tune!
    Aw geez....


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