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  • BUG at the PERLEY and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre! Saturday, March 23rd!

    Sue Rogers posted on March 23, 2019 19:52

    If you'd like to participate, please email Sue:  ukulelema@icloud.com We'll create a waiting list if all spots are filled - we often get cancellations.

    We've been asked back to have a sing-a-long with the folks at the Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre! Everybody - including all you shy beginners - come on out, you'll have a ball!

    Mark and I will bring the BUG event binders with us with a selection of great songs! If you use your iPad or other tablet you're welcome to use it instead, as long as you've uploaded the most recent version of the BUG Event Songbook PDF posted here: http://www.bytownukulele.ca/AllPosts/tabid/906/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/2625/BUG-EVENT-SONGBOOK.aspx (plus any additional songs we may post above for a particular event). A YouTube playlist of all the songs is posted below so you can familiarize yourself with any songs you don't know.

    WHERE:   Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre. Entrance at 1750 Russell Road; we play in LUPTON HALL  Directions to Perley

    WHEN:  Saturday, March 23, 2019

    TIME:   Arrive 1:30, play from 2:00 to 3:00

    What to bring:  music stand and kazoo if you have them and your usual BUG enthusiasm!! We'll bring the binders OR you can upload the BUG EVENT PDF posted to your iPad or other device and use that.

    PARKING: FREE. Enter the parking lot and take a ticket to put on your dash. Instead of using parking passes to exit the parking lot, the gates will be raised from 3:30 to 4:30. The organizer has said the gates can't be raised any earlier because it is shift change time...so I guess we'll just have to keep playing a little past 3 (as we usually do anyway wink )!

    There is a bit of a walk to get to Lupton Hall where we'll be playing, but you can drop off your equipment at the front entrance, and then go park.

    Looking forward to enjoying this event with all of you!


    A video for this song:

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