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  • Please Don't Bury Me

    Mike Cox posted on October 25, 2014 18:47

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    We will sing this in the Key of D, and keep instrumental parts short and consistent after each chorus.

    "Please Don't Bury Me" was a rollicking country toe-tapper with some intricate guitar interplay but had been redrafted, with Prine recalling in Great Days, “That song was originally about this character I had in mind called Tom Brewster. He dies but he wasn't suppose [sic] to, like that scene in those old movies. The angels have to send him back, but they can't the way he is. So they send him back as a rooster. Which is why his name is Brewster. I ended up trashing that whole part and came up with this idea of the guy just giving all of his organs away, and I made a whole song out of that.”

    *****REFORMATTED August 26, 2019 - SR*****


    A video for this song:

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