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  • Cup Song, The (When I'm Gone)

    Sharon Baird posted on May 02, 2015 23:02

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    YOU CAN PLAY ALONG WITH THE FIRST VIDEO! (starting after the first 4 measures (bars) of looper pattern on our songsheet). WE'LL BRING LOTS OF CUPS ON BUG NIGHT!

    "Cups" is a version of the 1931 Carter Family song "When I'm Gone", usually performed a cappella with a cup used to provide percussion, as in the cup game. It was first performed this way in a YouTube video by Luisa Gerstein and Heloise Tunstall-Behrens as Lulu and The Lampshades in 2009 (under the title "You're Gonna Miss Me"). Composition of the song is credited to A. P. Carter and Luisa Gerstein of Lulu and the Lampshades.

    The song became popular after it was performed by Anna Kendrick in the 2012 film Pitch Perfect.

    The original song "When I'm Gone" was written by A. P. Carter, then recorded in 1931 by the Carter Family (not to be confused with their 1928 song "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?"). The song was reworked in 1937 by J. E. Mainer. Over the years it has been recorded by many people including Mainer's Mountaineers and Charlie Monroe. In 1940 it was released by Elizabeth Cotten. A vocalist and guitar player. It can also be heard in the film Dan in Real Life.

    Lulu and the Lampshades were the first to perform the song using the cup game for percussion. Anna Burden made her own version of the Lulu on Youtube and the Lampshades video that was discovered by Reddit, and where Anna Kendrick learned the routine, prompting dozens of other Youtube users to submit cover versions of the song using the Cup Clap technique. It was soon dubbed The Cup Song.

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    A video for this song:


    First try in 2013:

    Again in 2015:

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