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  • Buggy Book BUG Jam July 2015

    Claude Lacelle posted on July 09, 2015 20:04

    Download the Lyrics and Chords


    And now … for a really big … Shew!  

    Here are the songs that made it (or almost made it) to the Ed Sullivan Show, Sunday June 20, 1948 to Sunday June 6, 1971.

    Included is a Chord Chart for this month's BUGgy Book songs. Please note that this chart is subject to change. Songs could be played in a different key BUG Jam night.

    Everyone has been busy selecting more great songs to share and sing with you, and, of course, our BUG friends will be leading us along through the night's BUG Jam. So put on some retro clothes, tune up and get ready to scream and shake your hair.

    27 out of 27 songs have been checked/converted/updated, to the ChordPro/OnSong format!  (Individual ChordPro/OnSong formatted songs are now available in the song posings.) Please note that this is a draft version, there may be future edits posted before BUG Jam Night.  Current version is V 1.01. (updated 2015/07/13)

    Also keep in mind that the very large .pdf file (BUGgy Song Book July 2015is generated by the OnSong App (software), and it will tend to spread songs over many pages. This PDF document is intended for download and soft viewing on iReaders and mobile devices, and is not intended as a print document.  (This large PDF file is also not suitable for use with OnSong, see below, OnSong works best with ChordPro/OnSong formatted songs)

    What's OnSong? OnSong is the App that I am currently using for presenting the songs on BUG Night.  If you have OnSong on your mobile iDevice, and you would like a copy of the night's set of songs (ChordPro format), I will be "beaming"  the night's "OnSong Set" between 5:30 and 7:00 pm, so turn on your Bluetooth and come see me to get started. (OnSong Archive BUG Jam sets are also available via email, please see me at the BUG Jam for more info). Current working version of OnSong is 1.997 or better, Please update, it's a free download.

    So download and enjoy ...


    thnx Sue and all those that make BUG Jam songs possible.


    "Eddy…, kiss me goodnight!"



    *Errors and Omissions are the software's fault!

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