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  • Fiesta BUG Jam! - May 18 2016

    Sue Rogers posted on May 18, 2016 18:12
    Well, my friends, the time has come
    To raise the roof and have some fun
    Throw away the work to be done
    Let the music play on (play on, play on)
    Everybody sing, everybody dance
    Lose yourself in wild romance
    We're going to party
    Karamu, fiesta, forever
    Come on and sing along!

    It's a party! Whatever you'd enjoy playing with the group!

    It's super easy! Take a look at the SONGS page and/or the SONGBOOKS page and email me at ukulelema@icloud.com with the name of a song you'd like us to play at the upcoming jam. You don't have to lead it - we can find a willing volunteer to lead. But if you WOULD like to give leading a try, let me know. We'll be there to support you all the way! It's a lot of fun to have different folks up to the mic!

    And of course, you're always welcome to email me NEW songs!

    DEADLINE for submissions for the next jam:  May 8, 2016

    Where:  Clocktower Brew Pub, lower level, 575 Bank Street, Ottawa

    When:  7 to 10 p.m. But come early and join us downstairs for a delicious dinner, snack, or drinks, anytime after 5:30!

    Remember, The Clocktower Brew Pub offers their facilities to us at no cost so please support our wonderful home pub and our fabulous servers by planning to purchase a beverage and/or food at every jam you attend. 

    See you soon friends!


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