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  • BUG Jam - Folk, Country and Bluegrass Revue

    Mike Cox posted on September 21, 2016 17:51


    Folk Country, Bluegrass

    City Folk Music Festival comes to Ottawa every September so with Folk Music on the brain, it only seems fitting to enjoy a night of folk music at BUG.

    WHERE:  Clocktower Brew Pub, lower level, 575 Bank Street, Ottawa

    TIME:  Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 7 to 10 p.m. But come early and join us downstairs for a delicious dinner, snack, or drinks, anytime after 5:30 - meet new friends, share ukulele tips, tricks, noodle…(come and find out what noodling is!)

    This month we are choosing songs mostly from the BUG Songs page of this website.  We are opening up the mics this month and encouraging as many volunteers as possible to come on up and lead some songs.  Actually, we encourage that every month but this month we are making it easier for you to participate with our suggested theme of Folk, Country and Bluegrass Music.  Folk music is a natural fit for sing-a-long events.  The chords are usually simple and song structures are easy to learn and easy to lead.  

    Another thing we are encouraging is group leading.  Pick a song, pick a friend or three and head on up to the mic and lead the group... get some harmonies happening.  It can be nerve-wracking up there and having a friend join you is the best way to calm those nerves.  

    Here's what to do... Visit this page on our website.  Choose a song or several songs from the large list and send an email to letsjam@bytownukulele.ca along with who will be joining you and any special requirements or recommendations and we will add the song to this page.

    For the shy... If you are shy but still want to offer a song, please send your suggestions to letsjam@bytownukulele.ca.  We will find someone to lead the song for you or if you have someone in mind, let us know and we will try to make it happen.

    There are already quite a few songs posted and quite a few enthusiastic volunteers.  It is so exciting to see so much enthusiasm so early on... let's keep the momentum going.  No good song goes un-sung!

    You will find more here →
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