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  • C’mon BUGgers, post some photos to the site!

    Bytown Ukulele Group posted on July 07, 2011 15:46

    It really is easy, just log in, go to the photos page and Click on “Add New Photo”

    To elaborate, follow these easy steps:

    Log into the site by clicking on the “Join” page or the small login link at the bottom of every page.


    Now that you are logged in, go to the Photos page and click on the Add New Photo link.


    Choose if you want to add to an existing album or create a new album.  I suggest if you have a series of photos from a particular event that you choose to add a new album.

    Choose to add new album or add to existing

    If you choose to add to an existing album, put a dot beside Select Existing Album, if you are adding a new album put a dot in Create a new Album.    If you are adding to an existing album, just ignore the Title and Description and just press Next.

    If you are creating a new album, give your album a title and press Next.


    After you press next, you are presented with a “Select Images” button. If you press that button, you can actually select all your photos at once.

    Press the Select Images ButtonYou can select multiple ImagesYour images will all upload at once



    Next step is tagging – Tagging is cool!

    On the next page, all your photos will be show with some fields that you can fill in.  For the benefit of the group, give your pictures titles and tags.  Tags are just words that can be used to describe what or who is in the photo.  Description is not important and you can have the same title for every picture if you like, but tag the people that you see in the pictures or tag what the people are doing or singing.  Tagging makes it easy and fun to find photos that are related.  For example, if I see a tag called Hal and I click on it, I will get all pictures tagged with Hal.

    Tagging is cool!

    Press Save All and you are done.

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Sue Rogers
# Sue Rogers
Thursday, July 7, 2011 10:04 PM
Gee Mike! That IS easy! I'm sure everyone who took pictures at our last session will now share their pictures! Thanks for your very good explanation!

You rock!

Gordon  Thomas
# Gordon Thomas
Monday, July 11, 2011 8:50 PM

I have a couple of videos from Saunders Farm that Iwould like to post (total 1.7 GB), but I get a file size error. Is there some way I can post them?

Mike Cox
# Mike Cox
Monday, July 11, 2011 10:11 PM
Hi Gord, The photo gallery will not handle videos and hosting videos can get pretty costly and complicated. The best thing to do is to upload your videos to youtube and then embed them to the BUG Media blog just as you do a song. This also guarantees the greatest cross browser compatibility. It is real easy to do, let me know how you make out, I could do some instructions for that too.
# Gord
Tuesday, July 12, 2011 11:39 PM
I have uploaded the video to UTube and it can now be viewed from the BUG site.