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  • BUGgy and Chordy Books for March 2017

    Claude Lacelle posted on March 12, 2017 15:15

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    🍀 We're kicking off a bit of hooley 🍀

    It's been a another busy month, lots of new songs and lots of updates. 33 out of 33 songs have been checked/ 10 are new/ 20 were updated to the ChordPro format and are available here as a complete pdf book (BUGgy Book) of the night's song set!  (Individual ChordPro formatted songs {for use with OnSong} are now available in the song's posting.) Please note that this is a draft version, there may be future edits posted before the March BUG Jam.  Current version is V 1.00.

    Chordy Book Chart March 2017  is ready for this month's BUG Jam, please print this book or save on your Pad/Phone as an aid for use on BUG Jam night.   Please note:  A Song's Key may be subject to change on BUG Jam night. 

    Also be aware that the very large .pdf file ( BUGgy Book Songs March 2017 is generated by the OnSong App (software), and that this file will tend to spread songs over many pages. This PDF document is intended for download and soft viewing on iReaders and mobile devices, and is not intended as a print document.  (This large PDF file is also not suitable for use with OnSong, see below, OnSong works best with ChordPro/OnSong formatted song files)


    What's OnSong? OnSong is the App that I am currently using for presenting the songs on BUG Night.  If you have OnSong on your mobile iDevice, and you would like a copy of the night's set of songs (ChordPro format), OnSong users can "beam"  the night's "OnSong Set" to your iDevice. So turn on your Bluetooth and find someone with the night's OnSong set. (OnSong Archive BUG Jam sets are also available via email, please see me at the BUG Jam for more info). Current working version of OnSong is 1.99992 or better, Please update, it's a free download.

    So download and enjoy ...


    Thnx to all those that make BUG Jam songs possible.


    There once was a froggy from Cork
    Who refused to eat with a fork
    On St. Patrick’s Day
    He got carried away
    And was eaten by a hungry stork!


    Claude 🐸


    *Errors and Omissions are the software's fault!

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