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  • BUG jam Sept 21 2011 - Wukulele Songbooks 1 through 10!

    Sue Rogers posted on September 12, 2011 22:22

    Fiona Rutherford and Gord Hawkshaw have kindly offered to host the evening - leading songs from the Wukulele Songbooks 1 through 10 which can be found on the BUG website at www.bytownukulele.ca - under Songbooks! In addition, we've printed 4 songs that Gord Thomas has posted (thanks Gord) that can be found on the website home page :
    Downtown, Marie's My Name, Mockingbird Hill and Don't Be Cruel.

    As usual there will be 15 binders with the music available to share, but since we use the Wukulele Songbooks a lot, if you'd like to print out and bring your own copy of the songbooks that would be great! In addition, we may get the 3 screens in the room up and running to display the songs as well - just a few technological details to work out (thanks Mike C.)! If not this time, then hopefully in the near future!

    If you have a song that you would like the group to try next week that you would feel comfortable leading and that isn't in the Wukulele Songbooks, we'd invite you for this session to post it on the website so that people can print it out, send an email to the group with the music so that people can print out a copy and bring it with them, or if you feel so inclined and have the resources you can bring 15 to 20 handouts to share.

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