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  • Songlist complete with chords for September 21 2011

    Bytown Ukulele Group posted on September 20, 2011 09:44

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    15 binders just did not cut it last month becasue we as a group are awesome!  Our room at the clocktower is adorned with two large TVs and a projector.  Fiona and Gord with some input from our other Gord have put together a song list and they have prepared the binders for Tomorrow night.  I have taken that song list and made a PowerPoint presentation from it.

    Why a PowerPoint presentation you ask?  I got the idea from a file I got from the Corktown Ukulele Group in Toronto and realized that it really is the perfect tool for this job. It runs full screen on the projector but the computer shows slide view so we can move around easily from song to song.

    I am going to bring my LapTop and a connection cable to get the projector going and I am going to bring my BlackBerry Playbook and an HDMI cable to hook to one of the TVs.  Both TVs have HDMI so if someone else has a computer or tablet that can run PowerPoint, bring it along and we can get the second TV running as well.

    The PowerPoint presentation is attached to this article for your indulgence.


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