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  • UKE Camping 2018 on the St. Lawrence River with BUGs, VUPs, and any other ukers who want to join us!

    Sharon Baird posted on August 17, 2018 10:32

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    COME JOIN US FOR A WEEKEND OF UKULELE FUN! If you can't come for the weekend, why not come for the day on Saturday! Only an hour from Ottawa!

    Jams and potluck will be held at site #184!

    WHEN:  Friday, August 17 to Sunday, August 19, 2018. Saturday, August 18, is the main event day for organized jams and a community potluck!

    WHERE:  Riverside Cedar Campground, 13180 County Road 2, Morrisburg, Ontario

    LINK TO RESERVATIONS INFORMATION BY PHONE OR ONLINE (2 night minimum to reserve on weekends): http://www.stlawrenceparks.com/reservations/  

    NOTE: We're hoping that ukers will book their sites in the Riverside East section of the campground. There are also chalets to rent in that area as well! Most of us will be in sites 177 through 190. The rally call is "Take the Point" - mostly so that we don't have unsuspecting travellers camping in our midst involuntarily "appreciating" our jams!

    MORE DETAILS will be announced in upcoming months

    There are lots of activities in the area like paddling, biking, swimming, watching the big ocean freighters chug by, etc. And music?! We'll have organized jams with lots of opportunity for folks to share songs!

    CAMPING TIP:   iPads and other computer devices can work well around a campfire because your songsheets are backlit and you don't have to rely on paper and a flashlight, which attracts bugs! And boy were they attracted to lights last year! If you don't have an iPad/notebook and need a light for sheet music, we'd suggest a booklight attached to the stand. If you use a headlight, it shines into other people's eyes PLUS you'll be sucking in bugs as you sing!

    IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS: contact Sharon at sharonbaird@xplornet.ca

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