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  • Rude

    Sue Rogers posted on June 07, 2018 14:45

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    YOU CAN PLAY ALONG WITH THE VIDEO IN GCEA TUNING, IF YOU PUT YOUR CAPO ON THE 1ST FRET!  In some sections you may want to break into 2 parts if you're playing with a friend, with the friend singing the red - there's one spot in the song where two words overlap - "go" and "Can" - so singing it with a partner can help :)

    "Rude" is the debut single by Canadian band Magic! from their debut studio album, Don't Kill the Magic. It was originally released on October 11, 2013 as a promotional single and then re-released on February 24, 2014 by Sony Music Entertainment. The official remix for the song features Kid Ink, Ty Dolla Sign and Travis Barker on the drums.

    Despite mixed reviews from music critics, "Rude" was an international commercial success. The song peaked at number six on the Canadian Hot 100 and internationally topped the charts in the United States and the United Kingdom and peaked within the top ten of the charts in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. "Rude" was the ninth best-selling song of 2014, with global sales of 8.6 million units, and won the Juno Award for Single of the Year.

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    A video for this song:

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