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  • BUG Jam PDF Songbook, Chord Chart, and YouTube Playlist for December 19th Jam!

    Sue Rogers posted on December 08, 2018 19:18

    Here is the PDF Songbook (with NEW clickable Table of Contents), a separate PDF Chord Chart (ABOVE), and the YouTube playlist (BELOW) for our December 19th BUG Jam!

    If you click on a title in the Table of Contents (TOC) it will take you directly to the song! To return just click on the BACK TO SONG LIST hyperlink! I'm so EXCITED!

    We project all the songsheets on the 5 screens at the pub but if you use the screens, you may want to print out, or download, the handy CHORD CHART above to remind you of the chord shapes. You can also download the PDF songbook onto your favourite iPad or Notebook or print it out. Also available is the OnSong BUG Jam song set as an archive file, please see Claude Lacelle at the BUG Jam about how to get your copy.

    If you want to know about the history of a song, or what fret to put your capo on to play along with the recording (if appropriate), click on the individual song posting on the SONGS page: http://www.bytownukulele.ca/Songs.aspx 

    Thanks to Sue Rogers for arranging and formatting all the song sheets; Mark and Sue Rogers for putting together the PDF Songbook, separate PDF Chord Chart, and YouTube Playlist; and Claude Lacelle for preparing the OnSong presentation and creating the PDF Songbook cover page!

    ENJOY! smiley

    A video for this song:

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