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  • BUG PDF Songbook, Chord Chart, and YouTube Playlist for August 21, 2019!

    Sue Rogers posted on August 11, 2019 09:45

    Download the Lyrics and Chords


    Hello friends! Above you'll find the BUG BEATLES' PDF Songbook and Chord Chart, and below is the YouTube Playlist for our BUG Jam - "BUGs About Beatles" - on Wednesday, August 21!

    ALWAYS CHECK before coming to the jam that you've downloaded the most recent version of the songbook and chord chart - revisions are not unusual wink

    PDF SONGBOOK:  You can download the PDF Songbook onto your iPad or tablet. ALWAYS CHECK before coming to the jam that you've downloaded the most recent version. It's interactive which means that you can click on the song title in the Table of Contents on the first page, it will take you directly to the song, and when you've finished playing the song, just click on BACK TO SONGLIST on the bottom right at the end of the song and it will take you directly back to the Table of Contents. 

    CHORD CHART:  If you're planning to play the songs at the jam from the screens, but you need a little extra help to remember the chord shapes, be sure to print out the Chord Chart that Mark will post, which shows the chords for each song, and bring it along with you. Check that you've printed out the most recent version - occasionally we find we've missed a chord box diagram or pasted the wrong one into the document.

    Enjoy!  Sue laugh

    A video for this song:

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