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  • BUG Kitchen Party Songbook!

    Sue Rogers posted on March 13, 2019 12:54

    Download the Lyrics and Chords

    Hello friends! Here's the PDF Songbook (link above) that Mark and I have put together for our annual March Kitchen Party where we are using screens and/or ukers are using tablets or iPads. The songbook is interactive which means that when you click on the song title in the table of contents on the first page, it will take you directly to the song, and when you've finished playing the song, just click on BACK TO SONGLIST on the bottom right at the end of the song and it will take you directly back to the Table of Contents.

    NOTE:  BE SURE TO CHECK THAT YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THE SONGBOOK BEFORE THE EVENT! If we find errors, we're correcting them and as we're practising the songs, if we notice ways the formatting could be improved for understanding, we're changing it. cheeky

    *****REVISED NOVEMBER 3, 2019 - SR****

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