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  • Lanigan's Ball

    Sue Rogers posted on May 12, 2020 11:51

    I'm going to post songsheets for both "Lannigan's Ball" and "Lannigan's Ball Covid-19 Style". You can play in the same key as Dermot Ryan's parody using the (Bm) songsheet.

    "Lanigan's Ball" (sometimes "Lannigan's Ball") is a popular traditional or folk Irish song which has been played throughout the world since at least the 1860s and possibly much longer. Typically performed in a minor key, it generally is played in an upbeat style reminiscent of the party atmosphere in which the story that the lyrics portray unfolds.

    In Alfred Perceval Graves book, Songs of Irish Wit and Humour, published in 1884, Lanigan's Ball is attributed to anon. In Folk Songs of the Catskills, edited by Norman Cazden, Herbert Haufrecht and Norman Studer, there is a reference to John Diprose's songster of 1865 attributing Lanigan's Ball to D. K. Gavan with music by John Candy. It also mentions that the tune was previously known as Hurry the Jug. In 1863 William Pond & Company published the song in an arrangement by Charles William Glover, attributing the words to Tony Pastor and the music to Neil Bryant of Bryant's Minstrels.

    This song has been covered by many artists. The Bards had a huge hit with it in Ireland in 1980. Christy Moore recorded it on his LP The Time Has Come in 1983, re-released on CD in 2007. Jump, Little Children performs another popular version of this song with most of the lyrics retained. A parody version by Frank Kelly called "Charlie Stepped In" lampooned the Arms Trial and the political instability of 1970s and early 1980s Ireland.

    And now another brilliant parody by Dermot Ryan "Lanigan's Ball Covid-19 Style".

    A video for this song:

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