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  • BUG's JULY 1 Canada Day PDF Songbook, Chord Chart & YouTube Playlist!

    Sue Rogers posted on June 25, 2020 08:57

    Here's the PDF Songbook for BUG's Ukuleles Across Canada Jam on Wednesday, July 1, 2020! The songs are in the order that we'll be playing them and will be displayed on the screens for this jam. Our Zoom host, Ellen, will be scrolling for all of you.

    Always make sure that you have downloaded the most recent version of the songbook (VERSION 6 - June 30) and the Chord Chart (VERSION 2 - June 30). Sometimes we correct errors and make improvements to the songsheet before the jam.

    Remember, you'll have a lot more fun at the upcoming virtual jam if you familiarize yourself with the songs in advance!

    Mark has put together a CHORD CHART for the jam that you can print out if you need it, and I've posted a YouTube playlist below for the songs. If you want to know the history of any of the songs or possible playing tips for some songs, then go to the individual song posting.

    If you're downloading the songbook onto your own computer, remember that you can move around in the songbook by clicking on a song title in the table of contents and that will take you directly to that songsheet. At the end of the song, you click on the "Back to Songlist" hyperlink at the bottom right, and you'll zip right back to the table of contents. If you want the song in WORD format so that you can edit or transpose them for yourself, go to the individual song posts.

    If you're having any technical problems, please let us know by typing your issue into the CHAT box (publicly to EVERYONE) so that Sharon Baird or someone else can try to help you out. Mark and I can't see the Chat. On your own screen, you can resize the songsheet window to take up most of the screen, or if you've got a big screen (we plug our computer into our TV for Zoom) you can resize the songsheet so that you can see more people. Those settings are entirely up to you!

    Enjoy! We'll see you on July 1!

    Sue & Mark laughheart

    A video for this song:

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