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Claude Lacelle
# Claude Lacelle
Monday, March 5, 2012 12:41 PM

Thanks for this song, its lovely! Please accept this text as I can't play your posting.

Maids When You're Young

An old man [G]came courting me, hey-ding-a doo-rum [D]
An[G] old man came courting me, me being[D] young
An [G]old man came [Am]courting me, [G]all for his [D]wife to be
G[Maids, when you're ]C[young, never ]D[wed an old ]G[man

For he']G[s got no fal-doo-rum-dah fal-diddle oo-d]D[oo
G]He's got no fal-doo-rum-dah fal-diddle-d[D]ay [G]
He's got no f[Am]al-doo-rum-dah, [G]lost his ding d[D]oo-re-um
[G]Maids, when you're [C]young, never [D]wed an old m[G]an

When this old man[G] comes to bed, hey-ding-a doo-rum [D]
Wh[G]en this old man comes to bed, me being[D] young
W[G]hen this old man [Am]comes to bed, [G]he lays like h[D]e was dead [G]Maids, when you're [C]young, never [D]wed an old m[G]an


When this old man [G]goes to sleep, hey-ding-a doo-rum [D]
[G]When this old man goes to sleep, me being[D] young [G]
When this old man [Am]goes to sleep, o[G]ut of bed[D]
I do creep [G]Into the arms[C] of a hands[D]ome young ma[G]n


I wish this old man [G]would die, hey-ding-a doo-rum [D]
I[G] wish this old man would die, me being you[D]ng [G]I wish this [Am]old man would die, I[G]'d make the money fl[D]y
[G]Girls, for your sa[C]ke, ne[D]ver wed an old m[G]an


A young man is my de[G]light, hey-ding-a doo-rum [D]
A[G] young man is my delight, me being young [D]
[G]A young man [Am]is my delight, he'll[G] kiss you day and ni[D]ght
[G]Maids, when you're[C] young[D], never wed an o[G]ld man

Sue Rogers
# Sue Rogers
Tuesday, March 6, 2012 9:44 AM
Thanks Paddy and Claude! I'll copy, format, post, and print out Claude's text for the jam.