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Claude Lacelle
# Claude Lacelle
Sunday, March 15, 2015 1:46 PM
Some of you may have noticed a new OnSong mark-up in the ChoPro/OnSong version of this song ...

& # 999999:And I’d [F]listen to [C]stories, of [F]how he once [Bb]lived
& # 999999:By the [F]glow of the [C]kerosene [Dm]light [Dm]
& # 999999:By the [F]glow of the [C]kerosene [F]light [F]↓

This Mark-up code (& # 999999:) sets the text colour of that line to gray. If your ChordPro file reader does not display this correctly I would suggest that you change the code "& # 999999:" to "" using [Find And Replace All].