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  • Embedding YouTube videos. (Embed Code)

    Bytown Ukulele Group posted on March 09, 2012 15:01

    To attach a YouTube video to one of your posted songs, you need to know where to get the Embed Code.  First you must press on the Share button and then on the Embed button.


    After you press on the embed button, you will see the embed code:


    You can make some adjustments to the size of the video using the controls below the embed code if you like.  Copy that embed code and paste it into the song you are adding on the BUG site.


    Optional steps.

    If you would like to put more than one video in this space, you can, just paste in one after the other.  If you would like to add some captions to the videos that you add, you can do that with a little HTML.  (Life is better when you know basic HTML)

    Here is the code for a Heading 3

    <h3>This is a guy singing an Irish song.</h3>

    Now lets put it together:


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