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  • Chimes of Freedom

    Charles de Lint posted on October 19, 2012 02:15

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    Chimes of Freedom

    Bob Dylan

    [D] [G] [D] [A] [G] [D] [A] [D] [G] [D]

    Far [D]between sundown’s [G]finish and [D]midnight’s broken [G]toll
    We [D]ducked inside the [G]doorway, [A]thunder [D]crashing [G] [D]
    As [D]majestic bells of [G]bolts, struck[D]shadows in the [G]sounds
    [D]Seeming to be the [G]chimes of [A]freedom [D]flashing [G] [D]

    [A]Flashing for the [A7]warriors, whose [D]strength is [G]not to [D]fight
    [G]Flashing for the refugees on the [Em]unarmed road of [A]flight
    And for [D]each and every [G]underdog, [D]soldier in the [G]night
    And we [D]gazed upon the [G]chimes of [A]freedom [D]flashing [G] [D]

    Even [D]though a cloud’s white [G]curtain in a [D]far off corner [G]flashed
    And [D]the hypnotic splattered [G]mist was [A]slowly [D]lifting [G] [D]
    Electric lights still [G]struck like arrows, [D]fired but for the [G]ones
    [D]Condemned to drift or [G]else be[A]kept from [D]drifting

    [A]Tolling for the [A7]searching ones, on their [D]speechless [G]seeking [D]trail,
     [G]For the lonesome-hearted lovers with too [Em]personal a [A]tale 
    And for [D]each unharmful [G]gentle soul mis[D]placed inside a [G]jail
    And we [D]gazed upon the [G]chimes of [A]freedom [D]flashing [G] [D]

    {c: refrain:}
    dee [G]dee dee dee dee [D]dee dee dee dee [A]dee
    dee [G]dee dee dee dee [D]dee dee dee[A]dee—[D]dum [G] [D]

    Sta[D]rry eyed and [G]laughing, as I [D]recall when we were [G]caught
    [D]Trapped by no track of [G]hours for they [A]hanged susp[D]ended
    And [D]we listened one last [G]time, and we [D]watched with one last [G]look
    [D]Spellbound and [G]swallowed till the [A]tolling [D]ended

    [A]Tolling for the [A7]aching ones whose [D]wounds can[G]not be [D]nursed
     For the [G]countless confused, accused, misused, [Em]strung-out ones and [A]worse 
    And for [D]every hung-up [G]person in the [D]whole wide uni[G]verse
    And we [D]gazed upon the [G]chimes of [A]freedom [D]flashing [G] [D]
    {c: refrain}

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Mike Cox
# Mike Cox
Thursday, November 1, 2012 10:51 PM
Charles, I made a version of this that will fit on paper for the binders, if you see any errors, please correct.